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Pet Surgery

We offer routine surgeries such as spays and neuters, removal of masses, laceration repairs, and much more. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our surgical services, please feel free to call us.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform many common soft tissue surgeries at our mobile clinic. Soft tissue surgeries are those that are not associated with bone. These surgeries can provide many benefits to pets.

One of the most common soft tissue surgery performed on pets is the removal of masses or lumps. Once removed and tested, most of these masses are found to be benign (nonharmful); however, occasionally, they are more serious. Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a lump are necessary to improve the outcome in your pet if the mass is cancerous.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying/Neutering your pet has many benefits. The procedure, which prevents animals from reproducing, can help your dog or cat live a longer, healthier life.

By spaying/neutering your pet, you’re protecting him/her against potentially deadly diseases, reproductive tract diseases, and several types of cancer. In addition, spaying/neutering your pet will help control the dog and cat overpopulation problem, keeping more animals out of shelters.